• «Ecological Love: The Theory» numérique

Catherine Brunelle, B.Sc., PA LEED®, performer, lecturer and independent sociologist since 1976, graduate of l’Université de Montréal, explores issues related to well-being and world peace.


Her research led her to create the Ecological Love concept, an alternative to the proposed models, from a natural health perspective.


Demography, forced reproduction, freedom and homophobia: ecology.

The existence of a certain diktat creates a barrier to emancipation.


Ecological Love is a social movement that supports intelligent, healthy and responsible practices that are much more likely to observe the basic rules of biology in which health, the principle of freedom of association and reproduction take precedence.






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«Ecological Love: The Theory» numérique

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Balises: Love, ecology, sensuality, truth, sensibility, responsability, privacy, pure, simple, relationship